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Listen To Your Wife

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

We know you’ve been shooting lots of times – maybe all your life, but the bullet holes all over the public ranges show that training is indispensable.

Having a gun in the house without training is like having a hand grenade on the coffee table.

You’ve gone out and bought a handgun to defend yourself and your family with. Congratulations, that’s just good judgment. Now, the problem is, what training have you had? What training have the others in your house had? Watching Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone blast the bad guys is not good enough training. In fact, it’s horrible training. The more closely you imitate what you see on the screen, the more dangerous you are. We’ve seen it a thousand times.

As men, we’re the problem. We’re used to figuring things out for ourselves, and fixing things without help and without training. The sad truth is, that if you mess up fixing the toilet, it leaks. If you mess up on the range, somebody bleeds – or worse. You can’t (and shouldn’t want to) settle for that. Come get training. Bring the family. We’ve turned gun-haters into enthusiasts – let us help you. Keep your family safe from intruders and crooks, but keep them safe from accidents, too. Accidents are far more likely than intruders.

In the terrible case that you have to use deadly force in defense of your family, you are going to be sued. At least go into court with proof that you prudently found training for yourself and those in your home.

Come get training from instructors who have been training law enforcement for years.