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Refund Policy

Inland Training Class Refund Policy

Inland Training limits our class sizes to provide an unparalleled and individualized experience for each of our students.  To do this we require prepayment and preregistration for all Inland Training classes and courses. 

To provide our classes, we must commit resources, assign instructors, arrange classroom/range availability, and incur other costs associated with the class. These commitments are not reduced when fewer students unexpectedly attend. Additionally, we many times do not have space for everyone that may want to participate in a scheduled session and therefore must turn away students who wish to sign up. 

The weather may also be a factor that is uncontrollable by Inland Training and the session may need to be canceled and rescheduled.

We understand that life has ups and downs.  We also understand that a student may need to transfer from one class date to another.  We hope you; our student understands that we have expenses based on class size as well.  With 48 hours’ notice, we can make other arrangements.  Therefore, please see our Reschedule/Refund policy below:

Students are required to notify Inland Training at least 48 hours in advance of a class date in order to transfer to another class date. Students may transfer to another Class Date, or have their funds held until they can reschedule to a more convenient class date.  Students may transfer as often as they wish.  Due to our liberal re-schedule policy Inland Training does not issue refunds.

We appreciate your understanding and the reason behind this policy. Registering for a class and paying for a session means that you fully understand and accept Inland Training’s Reschedule/Refund policy.

Thank you.

Due to costs of setting up firearm training classes, there are no refunds to students who cancel or do not show up for class.