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About Inland Training

Inland Training Courses are conducted by Certified Instructors with a solid background in Safety & Shooting Skills.

Inland Training provides Law Enforcement quality Firearms Training to civilians. From the basic fundamentals of shooting to advanced self-defense techniques, we have you covered.

Inland Training has four classifications of courses based on the student’s proficiency: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Defensive. Each has specialized lessons and builds on the prior course.

Inland Training’s Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructors are experienced and highly capable of teaching and coaching individuals of all skill and experience levels.

Instructor Ken McGreevy

Ken began shooting as a boy of 10 when he somehow talked his Dad into getting him a Marlin bolt-action .22 and went to the NRA Hunter Safety Class. During his college years at Cypress College, he worked as an instructor at the Winchester-Watson Trap and Skeet range in Carson.

Ken McGreevy Training
Ken McGreevy Working With a Student

While attending San Jose State University, Ken was the victim of an armed robbery and had to use his shooting skills with a Smith & Wesson .357 revolver to survive an attack. His experience with Law Enforcement and the Courts led him to volunteer as a Reserve Deputy with Law Enforcement in 1987. In 1992, he attended the FBI Firearms Instructor School and began teaching at the Academy. Since then, he has attended other Instructor Schools and wrote the Firearms Instructor’s Handbook.

Before retiring after 30 years of service in 2017, he regularly did “Use of Force” training for the Department where he instructed and evaluated Law Enforcement Officers in the use of Handguns (both revolvers and semi-automatics), shotguns, patrol rifles, and other firearms, as well as the use of chemical weapons (pepper spray, mace, tear gas, etc.), impact weapons (batons, etc.) and defensive tactics (he holds a black belt in Kung Fu). He is a Certified Armorer for Glock Pistols and AR-15 rifles and an Emergency Medical Technician.

Additionally, Ken taught under contract to the Federal Government’s Homeland Security Department, working with Federal Flight Deck Officers who are Pilots that have been Deputized and armed to defend their aircraft against terrorists.

Because of Ken’s background, training, and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in tactical shooting scenarios that our Students can take advantage of and benefit from.


Before retiring in 2017, Ken’s “Day Job” was working for United Airlines as a 747 Pilot. All that time in college teaching and surviving with firearms was to obtain his degree in Aeronautical Operations. After graduation, he worked as a pilot in several jobs, “working his way up”. In the 1980s, he owned and operated a Flight School (Pacific Flight) at Riverside Airport, where he was the Chief Flight Instructor, the Chief Pilot, the Director of Operations, and the janitor. He managed 23 airplanes, 3 helicopters, and over 30 full-time employees in the Flight School, the Air Charter business, Aircraft Maintenance Facility, and Fueling Service. Many people he taught to fly are now airline pilots for various airlines. He has also served as an instructor and evaluator for United Airlines.

With vast experience as a teacher in both Aviation and Law Enforcement Firearms, Ken’s teaching skills and abilities are a welcome addition to Inland Training.