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Testimonials are the highest praise we could ask for. See what our students are saying about Inland Training and our firearms classes.

“This company is awesome.”

Barbara L.

“The instructors are great! Very professional and patient with all of us that are new to owning firearms and learning to handle them safely.”

Hilma T.

“I found as a woman, they made me comfortable with learning how to handle, shoot, clean and store a firearm. It’s a great class!!! I talked my husband into taking it even though he had been in the service. Great refresher for him. Strangely, we now enjoy going to the range together.”

Sherri A.

“The instructors are so awesome and patient with the students. I have taken both the basic and the intermediate classes and I have learned so much. I have never been around guns until the Vegas shooting and now I own a Glock 19 and know how to handle it and use it the right way. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking their classes, you will not be disappointed.”

Lynn D.

“Already took two classes with Inland Training and I’m going on my third which is Defensive Training. Inland Training has a great group of instructors who take the time to teach the individual on how to properly handle a firearm safely. The number one priority with these classes is safety which makes it all the more fun. I highly recommend these classes it’s worth every penny.”


“The best. Great class! Darcy and Scott were great instructors. The class was informative and not overwhelming. Darcy was patient and encouraging when it came to the shooting range. Thank you. We’ll be back!”

Vickie B.

“I recently completed the Intermediate Training class and was most impressed. The instructors are highly competent, helpful and skilled at presenting firearms training to both the novice and the trained alike. After years of shooting experience, the Intermediate Training class taught me how to correctly handle and shoot a handgun. At the end of the day, my shooting skills were significantly improved and appropriate muscle memory was learned. In general, the facility and instruction at Inland Firearms Training is top notch.”

Eric R.

“It was not only educational, but SO MUCH FUN!!! It was such an honor to be part of this class. I am signing up for the Advanced/Defensive class next. Can’t wait!”

Han N.

“I took the Defensive Class. It began with a general safety review and a review of each students holster technique. After that it was more advanced target training and imagined self-defense situations. Firing on multiple targets while moving toward your strong and weak sides, firing singled handed with your strong hand and with your weak hand, firing single handed and reloading single handed and firing from behind concealment and cover (the difference between the two was explained), and imagined self defense situations such as when you open your home door and an intruder attempts to burst into your home (and defending yourself with a technique called ‘the zipper’). There was also more training on clearing your pistol after failures to fire including squib rounds. The class was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to continuing with the proficient pistol seminars.”

Dale L.

“I’d highly recommend this course for anyone new to gun ownership/handling or anyone wanting a refresher. I’ll certainly be back for their Intermediate and Defensive Handgun courses in the near future.”

Scott S.

“Money well spent!! I would like to thank Scott, Ken and Brian for making my wife’s very first experience with a hand gun wonderful for her. The class room instruction was very informative and taught at a nice pace without getting a bunch of info rammed down our throats. Scott made it very welcoming for everybody from beginners to experienced shooters. By the end of the class room instruction my wife had 100% more confidence in herself. The class is set up great! The range, restrooms and classroom was all right next to each other and for lunch we didn’t even have to leave the building. Brian was our instructor at the range and I was very impressed with his knowledge and instruction. I would highly recommend Inland Training any day of the week. We are going to be going back for intermediate handgun class soon.

Thanks guys for taking care of my wife!”

Rich M.

“My wife and I took the Basic Handgun class. Neither of us had fired a gun before that. Jim was the morning instructor for our class of 9. He went through various topics regarding gun safety and he showed us a few video examples of what NOT to do which were funny.

After the lunch break, Brian joined us and went over the history of handguns and proper stance/grip/etc. of firing a handgun. After that, Jim took half the class to the firing range while Brian went over cleaning and a few other topics with those remaining. We each took turns firing 20 rounds into four different targets, 5 rounds at a time. Jim patiently guided us through the whole process and offered tips and reminders while we were shooting. He brought along two handguns for us to choose between (a Glock model and a Springfield XD-something?)–students were welcome to use their own handguns if they brought them.

Brian walked us through the process of cleaning a handgun, which is super simple. He then passed the time by telling us stories and giving us other advice about owning/handling handguns.

After the class was finished, a few of stayed behind to take the test for the Firearms Safety Certificate. Brian administered this 30 question test to us. After finishing all the questions, we took the answer sheet outside and one of the Bass Pro Shop workers helped us with scoring and paying the DOJ.

Overall, it was a great experience and the course was informative and interesting. At no point did I feel bored, etc. My wife and I will eventually return for the immediate-level class, after acquiring our handguns and other supplies.”

Viet P.