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When can I use force to protect myself?

washington saying



George Washington

This quote from our first president of the United States sums up nicely the responsibility of those of us who choose to learn the skill of shooting a gun. We not only have the right to protect ourselves and our families, but we also need the ability, intelligence, training, and self-control to understand HOW, WHY, and WHEN it’s proper to use force for protecting ourselves and the ones we love.

There is only one guarantee that you would walk away safely from a deadly encounter and that is to AVOID it in the first place. That may seem like common sense, but sometimes we get caught up with life and responsibilities that we do not pay attention to our surroundings and steer clear of uncomfortable or unsafe environments or situations.  

Important things to remember:

  • Do not go somewhere alone if you’re unfamiliar with the area or know it to be dangerous
  • Do not take shortcuts that lead you down dark pathways or set you apart from the rest of the crowd
  • Do not approach strangers or let them get too close to you
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Make smart choices
  • Turn around and go back if you have to

There is no shame in being careful or planning ahead. That is what avoiding a situation is all about. Listen to your gut feelings. Your instincts are there for a reason…and they are often right

** Please note: This is NOT legal advice. We at Inland Training are not attorneys. We are simply passing along the best available public information to assist you in understanding the new legal requirements.