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Basic Handgun

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Please note that due to classrooms at Bass Pro Shops being currently unavailable for use, our Basic Handgun class will be taught at Lytle Creek Firing Line for the foreseeable future.


The Basic Handgun Class

Basic Shooting and Handgun Safety Training Class

Bass Pro Shops**Please note that due to classrooms at Bass Pro Shops being currently unavailable for use, our Basic Handgun class will be taught at Lytle Creek Firing Line for the foreseeable future.

The Basic Handgun Class is designed for those interested in gaining a basic working knowledge of firearms, firearm safety, and shooting fundamentals. The Basic Courses are for First-time shooters, those considering a handgun purchase; those with an interest in improving their shooting skills and those that are simply wiping the dust off firearms that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Note: Anyone taking the Basic Handgun training course should wait to purchase a handgun until after the course. Although we do not sell guns, we educate the prospective buyer on what is available, the differences between them, and how to tell if one is a good “fit” for you and your needs. Our goal is the keep you from being at the mercy of anyone across a counter from you in a gun store.

The Basic Handgun class – is a basic class for those who need to learn (and that’s just about everybody – they don’t teach it on TV):

  • basic handgun safety
  • the mechanical operation of the firearm they wish to use
  • how to identify the proper ammunition for your firearm
  • basic shooting skills
  • how to clean your firearm
  • proper storage
  • handgun fit
  • California firearms laws
  • Using a firearm for self-defense, and
  • a lot more.

You will be professionally coached through your first live-fire session. This class will help you and make you confident enough to go out on your own and practice the skills you have learned in the class.

Students will learn specific handguns (Semi-Automatic and Revolvers) and how each type functions. A supervised and coached live-fire exercise ensures students properly grasp all learning objectives.

The Basic Handgun Class will ordinarily be held as a pre-scheduled group session on the first and third Saturdays of each month. It may otherwise be scheduled by individuals/groups on a day where no other group classes are scheduled. Don’t be shy if you want to learn Contact Us today and schedule your class!

We provide ammunition and several handguns in this course to help ensure the student is using the proper shooting fundamentals. Students will be able to deploy these skills easily during the use of other firearms and obtain higher degrees of marksmanship successes

This is an all-inclusive course that includes;

  • Range Fees,
  • Use of our Firearms,
  • Ammunition,
  • Targets
  • Eye and Ear Protection

Upon Successful Completion of this class, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded from Inland Firearms Training. This course will allow you to pursue more advanced levels of training and after taking this course you will be more than well prepared to complete the California Firearm Safety Certification Test as well.

We conduct the class inside the Bass Pro Shops in the Victoria Gardens Shopping Center in Rancho Cucamonga. Classes are held on the first and third Saturday of each month. The class begins at 9 am when the store opens it’s doors. It runs until around 4 or 5 pm, with an hour out for lunch. There are a multitude of places within minutes to grab a bite, not the least of which is right downstairs in the restaurant.

This course also covers much of the information that you’ll need to know if you would like to get a Firearm Safety Certificate in order to purchase a firearm. Bass Pro Shops offers the test so you can take it after our class concludes if you like. (Please note that the FSC test is offered by Bass Pro Shops, NOT Inland Training.) Once you have passed the CA FSC Test you will be allowed to purchase a handgun or other firearm in California. California requires an additional $25.00 fee for taking this test which is not included in this course fee.

For more information about the California Firearms Safety Certificate, please visit this page.

All you need to bring is you. We’ll take it from there. Our minimum age requirement is 15 years old.

Class Rates:

The Basic Pistol Class fee is $150.00 per person. For classes held at Bass Pro Shops, you pay $150, then when you get to the class, we also give you a $25 gift card. (We’re sorry but we’re unable to offer gift cards when the class is held at other venues.)

Class Length:
Approximately 7 hours

Enrollment and Payment:

You may complete the enrollment and payment process by choosing the class date that you wish to attend above and selecting “add to cart”. Once you have completed the checkout process and your payment is received, you will get a confirmation email with instructions on how and where we meet for the range, as well as any other information specific to the class.  If you don’t see a date for the course you are interested in, please contact us to make an appointment.

You will need to complete a course Liability Waiver Form for each student attending and if you have paid by credit card either online or over the phone please remember to bring a copy of the completed enrollment/waiver form with you on the day of the class.

8 reviews for Basic Handgun

  1. Kip Field

    Great class. It met our expectations and gave us a firm footing moving forward with handguns. Thank you. Looking forward to the intermediate class when we can get it scheduled.

    • Inland Training

      Thank you, Kip! We’re glad you enjoyed the class and look forward to working with you again!

  2. Bob Barajas

    Both my wife and I attended and the entire experience was outstanding.

    Great information and support. Will be sharing all information with all our friends and family.

    • Inland Training

      Thank you, Bob! We enjoyed having you and sincerely appreciate your gracious feedback!

  3. Bayley (verified owner)

    It was better than I expected, not only did I learn about the fundamentals of shooting, but the staff taught about the laws and the limits of being a gun owner. I totally recommend for anyone, whether you already have a gun or are thinking about it.

  4. Rich White (verified owner)

    My wife and I attended the Basic class on May 2. The class was very informative and the instructors were both patient and down to earth. Got lots of great information and the class was never boring. Love shooting the 9mm too!!

  5. Darren Miller (verified owner)

    I took this class with my wife so she could learn from real instructors and found myself learning so much more than I expected as well. Take it from someone who has been shooting since childhood, real instruction from real instructors revealed how much I didn’t know. This class is the first step in learning to be safe and proficient with a handgun. My wife and I look forward to the intermediate class.

    • Inland Training

      Thank you, Darren! We look forward to seeing you at the Intermediate class!

  6. neocon55 (verified owner)

    My son and I attended the basic handgun class. The instructors were great (professional, informative, and above all likeable). They are also connected to law enforcement in one way or another. On the shooting range I learned the basics, in other words everything I need to practice to become familiar and comfortable when handling and shooting a handgun. This includes loading the magazine. I’d never loaded a 9mm magazine before and it takes a little practice (especially if you’re a little nervous standing on the firing line). I recommend this class to anyone planning to buy a handgun but may not be familiar with everything that’s associated with doing so; especially California laws.

    • Inland Training

      Thank you! We appreciate you joining us!

  7. Chris Lewin (verified owner)

    Great Basic Handgun course. Went over all operations of pistol, safety measures and some practice shooting. Will definitely be back for intermediate course soon.

    • Inland Training

      Glad you enjoyed it Chris! Look forward to having you at the Intermediate class!

  8. Cathy Mller

    My husband and I attended your basic handgun safety course. We totally enjoyed your class, and both my husband And I learned a lot from the material you presented. I had fired a variety of handguns before, but I’ve never felt so comfortable firing a gun before! My husband and I have purchased our own handguns and will definitely be returning for The intermediate course. Thanks so much!

    • Inland Training

      Thank you, Cathy! We’re glad you enjoyed the class!

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