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Discounted Bundled Class Rates

Discounted Bundled Class Rates

We are Law-Enforcement Firearms Instructors who bring firearms training to civilian gun owners. No matter what your background or experience level, we can help make you better – safer, more accurate, faster, more tactically sound, or all of the above, and make it fun for you the whole time.

Discounted Bundled Class Options Include:

  • 5% Discount for 2-Classes
  • 10% Discount for 3-Classes
  • 15% Discount for 4-Classes

If you are interested in purchasing multiple classes to receive our discounted bundled rates, please use the form below. We will email you a secured link to pay and you can choose your class dates via email. 

5% Discount for 2-Classes
10% Discount for 3-Classes
15% discount for 4-Classes

Actual class dates can be chosen at a later date.
We will send you an invoice for the classes with a discount via email.
Please let us know which dates you prefer for the classes.
We offer both weekday and weekend classes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: