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Are You Prepared for a Real-World Scenario?

Shooting Range

The Shooting Range vs. a Real-World Scenario.

Practicing at a target range is an important activity for any defensive shooter. Stance, alignment, breath control, and trigger control are all critical components for accurate shooting. Practicing these will always be important. Spend time at the range, and lots of it. However, beware that the time you spend on the range does not fully prepare you for the real-world scenario of a self-defense shooting.

In a defensive shooting scenario, everything changes. You’re not at the range anymore. You will be defending your life and the lives of others within your home. Your heart will be pounding on into your throat. Your subject is cloaked in darkness. You are concentrating on your threat and your sights are an afterthought. You’re going to have almost no time to respond.

This is not wild speculation.

That is what it is really like. These facts are from statistics from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) which is the research and development agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. The NIJ is dedicated to researching crime and justice issues and has compiled data on LAW enforcement shootings in the United States.

According to the National Institute’s figures, more than 80% of shootings happen in low or reduced light scenarios. It is also a fact that most defensive shootings occur at a very close distance. The attacker is usually within seven yards.

Accurate shooting and split-second decisions have life and death consequences. In most cases, there will be no time for a traditional sight picture or for your range-perfected shooting stance. Even if you were to manage such a response, you could be putting your gun within reach of the attacker, who may just disarm you.

Another big difference between the regular practice range and the “real world” is movement. How often have you practiced shooting while moving or shooting at moving targets? According to the NIJ, most shootings involve movement or either the shooter or the target. Maintaining sight alignment in these situations is difficult at best.

Defensive Pistol Training

Now, with Inland Training’s advanced and defensive pistol shooting courses on your side you’ll have access to learning the proper techniques and practice “real-world scenarios” during live-fire exercises. You’ll also learn about additional tools that can help you overcome challenges such as darkness, close range, time and movement.

It’s all about giving yourself the knowledge and skills for surviving an encounter against real-world bad guys that are coming after you or your family. Contact Inland Training to find out more about our advanced and defensive handgun courses.