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Basic Handgun Class


Basic Handgun Class - Want to learn the basic working knowledge of firearms, firearm safety and shooting fundamentals? This class is designed for those interested in gaining a basic working knowledge of firearms, firearm safety and shooting fundamentals. Taught on most Saturdays,

Ladies Only on the 4th Saturday of the Month

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Intermediate Handgun Class



Intermediate Handgun Class Upgrade Your Pistol / Handgun Skills with the Intermediate Class. Once you acquire your handgun, you’ll want to get comfortable and proficient with it. That’s where the Intermediate class comes in. This class is for the basic class graduate or anyone with significant experience with hand guns.  A basic working knowledge of firearms, firearm safety and shooting fundamentals are a prerequisite.  Need More information?

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Defensive Handgun Class

ModuleBackground1aDefensive Handgun Class - If you believe a handgun is a valuable tool to have when a life-threatening situation arises, this is the class for you! Using your handgun to defend yourself and your family is NOT just another day at the range. When you practice, ALL of your attention is on your shooting. In a fight, NONE of it is. The is the class where you learn the habits that will determine how it turns out for you.

*Prerequisite knowledge applies. Find out more.

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Redlands & Ontario CCW Class



The Redlands & Ontario CCW Class is a One-day Class at the Redlands Community Center to Obtain or Renew your CCW Permit. This is an approved training class required by the Redlands and Ontario Police Departments to obtain your Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW).  Need additional information?


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Orange County CCW Class


 The Orange County CCW Class - Requires 16 Hour course taught over 2 days to Obtain your CCW Permit. This is the required class required by the Orange County Sheriffs Department to obtain your Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW).  More about this class here.


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Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit

ModuleBackground5The Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit. For $125.00, Gain the permit to carry your firearm concealed while you travel. This 4 hour class will provide you what you need. Discounts for adding your spouse. Utah's concealed carry weapons permit (CCW) is regulated by the Bureau of Criminal Identification of Utah. The permit to carry a concealed firearm in the state of Utah requires the completion of their application and the course of instruction, as well as meeting certain requirements as outlined on the application. More about this class.



Meet the Inland Firearms Training Staff


Ken ImageKen McGreevy

Ken began shooting as a boy of 10, when he somehow talked his Dad into getting him a Marlin bolt-action .22 and went to the NRA Hunter Safety Class. During his college years at Cypress College, he worked as an instructor at the Winchester-Watson Trap and Skeet range in Carson.

Also while in College, at San Jose State University, Ken was the victim of an armed robbery and had to use his shooting skills with a Smith & Wesson .357 revolver to survive an attack. His experience with Law Enforcement and the Courts led him to volunteer as a Reserve Deputy with Law Enforcement in 1987. In 1992, he attended the FBI Firearms Instructor School, and began teaching at the Academy. Since then, he has attended other Instructor Schools, and wrote the Firearms Instructor's Handbook.

Before retiring after 30 years of service in 2017, he regularly did "Use of Force" training for the Department where he instructed and evaluated Law Enforcement Officers in the use of Handguns (both revolvers and semi-automatics), shotguns, patrol rifles, and other firearms, as well as the use of Chemical weapons (Pepper spray, mace, tear gas, etc.), Impact weapons (batons, etc.), and Defensive tactics (He holds a Black Belt in Kung Fu). He is a Certified Armorer for Glock Pistols and AR-15 rifles, and an Emergency Medical Technician.

Additionally, Ken taught under contract to the Federal Government's Homeland Security Department, working with Federal Flight Deck Officers who are Pilots that have been Deputized and armed to defend their aircraft against terrorists.
Because of Ken's background, training, and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in tactical shooting scenarios that our Students can take advantage of and benefit from.

Before retiring in 2017, Ken's "Day Job" was working for United Airlines as a 747 Pilot. All that time in college teaching and surviving with firearms was to obtain his degree in Aeronautical Operations. After graduation, he worked as a pilot in several jobs, "working his way up". In the 1980's, he owned and operated a Flight School (Pacific Flight) at Riverside Airport, where he was the Chief Flight Instructor, the Chief Pilot, the Director of Operations, and the janitor. He managed 23 airplanes, 3 helicopters, and over 30 full-time employees in the Flight School, the Air Charter business, Aircraft Maintenance Facility, and Fuelling Service. Many people he taught to fly are now airline pilots for various airlines. He has also served as an instructor and Evaluator for United Airlines.

As you might guess, Inland Training has an Aviation Division. If you'd like to learn to fly, visit
With vast experience as a teacher in both Aviation and Law Enforcement Firearms, Ken's teaching skills and abilities are a welcome addition to Inland Training.



Scott EversScott W. Evers - FBI Firearms Instructor

Scott purchased his first rifle at age 16, a Remington model 561 bolt action 22 long rifle. For many years Scott learned to shoot the hard way through trial and error, until at age 22 he entered the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy where he received his first formal firearms training.
After a short stint with LASO he worked as a paramedic, ambulance driver, medical supply salesman until he started an insurance agency in Riverside CA.

Scott is also a co-founder and partner in ÆGIS PACIFIC Insurance Service, and H R Ledger a national payroll service. He has taught adult education in the Insurance and business management fields and lectures on business lesions for new business owners

In 1986 Scott was sworn in as a reserve Deputy Sheriff with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Having served as a pilot in the aviation division he went on to become an Instructor at the Sheriff’s Academy. On moving to the range he became a Use Of Force instructor and in 1992 he and Ken McGreevy took the FBI Firearms Instructor course. He wrote the course study manual for the classes teaching reserve deputies the use of firearms. Scott now works in the Homicide Investigation Unit.

Scott graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in business administration and is a Life Underwriter Training Counsel Fellow. He lives in Riverside, California with his wife and daughter and enjoys photography, shooting, camping, motorcycling, and traveling with his family. Scott still has that model 561 and plans on passing it to his daughter one day.




Joe NovalJoe Noval

A Southern California “baby boomer” native, Joe was raised during the golden age of television westerns. Growing up, all of his heroes were cowboys. It was not until he entered military service, however, that he received his basic hand gun and rifle training; earning his first firearms expert ribbon.

An airline pilot by profession, Joe ended up serving 11 years in law enforcement as an alternate career due to the changing fortunes of the airline industry. It was at that time that Joe discovered his true passion for the shooting arts. Joe has served as a patrol officer, a range master, firearms instructor, police pistol team member and department armorer. Joe received his formal law enforcement firearms instructor training through the FBI in both handguns and submachine guns. He is also an NRA certified firearms instructor and a California Department of Justice certified instructor.

He is presently a firearms instructor under contract for the Department of Homeland Security and an instructor for Interarms Training.






Darci Cloutier-FernaldDarcy Cloutier-Fernald

Darcy Cloutier-Fernald is a home-grown addition to the staff. She has attended all of our courses, and has excelled at every turn. As it turns out, firearms and law-enforcement are a theme in her family, and we’re proud to help her along her way to achieve those goals. In addition to being a Firearms Instructor for Inland Training, she has served in the same capacity at the Sheriff’s Firearms Training Center, where she attended the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Firearms Instructor School.

Darcy was a Registered Nurse with a board certification in Mental Health for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department of Corrections. She now works at Loma Linda Medical Center. She is also a CCW holder, and prefers Glock handguns for their light weight, consistency of grip and performance. That said, if it has a trigger, she’s good with it.

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