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Red Dot Sight (RDS) pistols represent an evolution in the pistol shooting world. What was once relegated to competition shooters has now made its way into Everyday Carry (EDC), target, law enforcement, and home defense pistols. RDS sights offer several advantages such as the ability to quickly identify targets with both eyes open, aiding vision-challenged shooters in finding their sights, and faster target-to-target transition & acquisition. The downsides to RDS are there is a learning curve to using them correctly without having to “fish around” for the dot, they may be more prone to breakage, and of course, many require regular battery replacement.


Inland Training is proud to now offer a Red Dot Sight (RDS) Fundamentals training class to make the user more familiar with their RDS-equipped pistol. In this class, participants will learn :

  • Safety and Range Briefing
  • Red Dot Sights Pros/Cons
  • Zeroing your RDS (10 yards vs 25 yards)
  • Finding, not “fishing” for, the dot
  • Grip
  • Recoil mitigation
  • Trigger management
  • Equipment choices
  • Speed/Accuracy






This class is not a class for beginner shooters. You should be proficient and experienced with safely drawing a pistol from a holster. (Contact Inland Training for any questions regarding this)



  • A modern (9mm, .40, 45ACP) semi-automatic pistol equipped with a RDS. (Your RDS must already be properly mounted as we will not have time to set this up for you.)
  • 3 magazines
  • A sturdy belt
  • A modern “duty style” outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster that accommodates your pistol and optic. No SERPA style or floppy leather holsters are allowed.
  • Belt-mounted magazine holder/ pouches.
  • 300 rounds of good-quality ammunition.


Class Length:

Approximately 5 hours