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Ladies Range Day – Just Come Out & Practice


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Ladies Range Day – Just Come Out & Practice

Ladies Range Day – Just come & practice:
Taught by a female instructor because women often think and learn differently.
Prerequisite Ladies Range Day – Basic/Intermediate instruction
This is step two of three levels and can be taken as many times as desired
Cost: $125.00
There are two practice times: 8:30AM to 10:30AM and 10:45AM to 12:45PM. There is a discounted rate if you attend the first session and want to attend the second session as well, but you must let the instructor know ahead of time. Contact Sandy at
Skillsets Learned:
Stance, Draw, Strong Hand Only Shooting, Re-holster
Support Hand Only Shooting, Switch/Transition Between Hands
2-Hand Grip, Repetition, Ammo Management, Clearing a Hot Gun
Time Management, Emotional Control, Fine Tuning Stance/Grip
Speed Reload vs. Slide Lock Reload, Follow-Up Shots, Clearing Hot Gun
Time Management, Distance Shooting, Sights, Trigger Control
Recoil Management
Movement, Kneeling, Re-Holstering, Use of Barricade
This class is not a California CCW class. This class goes beyond a California CCW class, providing quality training so that you can obtain and use the skills taught to you, basic through maintenance.
Your Handgun (please make sure it’s oiled up),
up to 200 Rounds of Ammunition (depends on how much you want to shoot),
Ear & Eye Protection, Brimmed Hat, Holster (belt if needed for holster),
Up To 4 Magazines (the more magazines the better the practice),
Speed Loader (Not Required, But It’s A Girls Best friend),
Water, Snack/Beverage, Sunscreen, Bug Spray
Weekday classes available. Let me know what days fit in your schedule and I will try and gather other ladies and put together an event. Private groups and individual and group sessions available too. Contact Sandy at

Curriculum Description

USCCA’s “Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals” is a welcoming and engaging training guide created by a woman for women who are seeking to begin, improve upon, or add to their firearms skills. With three distinct modules (Women’s Basic Pistol, Women’s Intermediate Pistol, and Women’s Defensive Pistol), this course is designed to reach students who are brand new to firearms and those who are ready to learn more about defensive shooting. Basics and fundamentals will be introduced, reviewed, and then built upon, while also exploring situational awareness, common types of handguns, ammunition types, malfunctions, firearms handling skills, defensive pistol fundamentals, and the use of deadly force. Whether you’ve never touched a firearm, you’re looking for the next steps in your training, or you’ve chosen to learn about the skills, tools, and mindset needed to use firearms for self-defense, you can be prepared to carry confidently every day with tips and techniques from experienced women in the world of firearms.