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GALS, GUNS & GRUB…Girls Day Out


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GALS, GUNS & GRUB Class Description

GALS GUNS & GRUB…Girls Day out | A Women’s Shooting League
Designed by a female instructor because women often think and learn differently
Prerequisite: Ladies Range Day – Basic/Intermediate instruction & Just Come Out & Practice
In order to shoot well and build upon and improve your skills you must TRAIN AND TRAIN SOME MORE. Ladies, let’s get together, practice our skillset, and share a meal… Whether it is a weekend or a weekday, it’s always a beautiful day when the ladies get together.
The first hour we work towards shooting from:
3 yds, 3 rounds in 3 seconds x 2 reps
Skillset: Stance, Draw, Strong Hand Only Shooting, Re-holster
3 yds, 3 rounds strong hand/switch hands/3 rounds support hand in 8 seconds x 1 rep
Skillset: Support Hand Only Shooting, Switch/Transition Between Hands
5 yds, 3 rounds in 3 seconds x 4 rep
Skillset: 2-Hand Grip, Repetition, Ammo Management, Clearing a Hot Gun
7 yds, 4 rounds in 4 seconds x 2 reps
Skillset: Time Management, Emotional Control, Fine Tuning Stance/Grip
7 yds, 8 rounds in 8 seconds x 1 rep
Skillset: Speed Reload vs. Slide Lock Reload, Follow-Up Shots, Clearing Hot Gun
15 yds, 3 rounds in 6 seconds x 2 reps
Skillset: Time Management, Distance Shooting, Sights, Trigger Control
15 yds, 4 rounds in 8 seconds x 1 rep
Skillset: Recoil Management
25 yds, 10 rounds in 15 seconds x 2 reps
Skillset: Movement, Kneeling, Re-Holstering, Use of Barricade
The second hour:
Steel Target Time
Barricade Shooting
Advancing and retreating
The third hour,
Weekday events available. Let me know what days fit in your schedule and I will try and gather other ladies and put together an event. Private groups and individual and group sessions available too. Contact Sandy at


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